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Integrated watershed management planning is an ongoing process of identifying issues in a watershed, engaging with community members, stakeholders, and experts to determine shared goals, targets, and solutions, and then working together to implement desired changes.

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Larger proposed developments

MD Acadia and Special Areas Joint Irrigation Project

An update for Phase 2 of the MD Acadia & Special Areas Regional Irrigation project (attached). In addition to this update, is project information boards presented at the project open house, as well as a report highlighting what we heard during this engagement. These documents are also available on our project website located at MD Acadia & Special Areas Irrigation – Special Areas Board.

If you have any questions about this update or have feedback you would like to share with the project team, please feel free to contact Dwayne Gelowitz, P. Eng., Director of Communications and Engagement for the AE-Clifton team. You can reach him through email at public.input@specialareas.ab.ca or through phone at (306) 535-3661.

Project- Background document

Open House – What We Heard

Quarterly Project Update