Planning & Analysis

State of the Watershed

The State of the Red Deer River Watershed Report is a key component in RDRWA’s long term watershed management approach. Released in 2009, the purpose of the report is to summarize current knowledge, comment on the environmental integrity of the Red Deer River watershed, and to provide the basis for shared planning and management. The report focuses on 20 indicators of watershed health for the mainstem of the Red Deer River and for the 15 subwatersheds that form the Red Deer River watershed.

Report Chapters

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"The Lay of the Land", oil on canvas. By Dean Francis

Executive Summary

A summary of the report as well as acknowledgements and the table of contents.

Cover: “The Lay of the Land”, by Dean Francis

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
The Red Deer River Watershed

Chapter 4: State of the subwatersheds

Panther River

James River

Raven River

Little Red Deer River

Medicine River

Blindman River

Waskasoo Creek


Threehills Creek

Kneehills Creek

Michichi Creek

Rosebud River

Berry Creek

Matzhiwin Creek

Alkali Creek