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RDRWA Reports

The Resource page brings together many resources related to RDRWA’s activities into one place. Use the table below to find specific resources in three categories.

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  • RDRWA Info: Resources about the RDRWA, including annual reports and strategic plans. 
  • Science & Stewardship: Resources related to our science and stewardship activities, including project reports for various projects and partnerships. 
  • Watershed Management: Resources related to our watershed management planning process, State of the Watershed Report, and policy statements.
RDRWA Info RDRWA Annual Report for 2022-2023 2022-2023 PDF
RDRWA InfoRDRWA Annual Report for 2021-20222021-2022PDF
RDRWA Info2020-21 Annual Report2020-2021PDF
RDRWA Info2019/20 Annual Report2019-2020PDF
RDRWA Info2018/19 Annual Report2018-2019PDF
RDRWA Info2017/2018 Annual Report2017-2018PDF
Science & StewardshipMapping Hydrologically Significant Areas2021PDF
Science & StewardshipRiparian Assessment in the Medicine-Blindman Rivers watershed (2020) 2020PDF
Science & StewardshipALMS “Red Deer River Watershed Lake Summary” 2016PDF
Science & StewardshipALMS “Red Deer River Watershed Lake Summary”2017PDF
Science & StewardshipRiparian Assessment in the Buffalo, Kneehills, Little Red Deer & Threehills Subwatersheds2022PDF
Watershed ManagementBlueprint: An Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Red Deer River Watershed2016PDF
Watershed ManagementState of the Watershed2009Page
Watershed ManagementBackground Technical Report #1: Surface Water Quality2012PDF
Watershed ManagementBackground Technical Report #2: Wetlands, Riparian Areas, and Land Use2013PDF
Watershed ManagementBackground Technical Report #3: Surface Water Quantity and Groundwater Resources2013PDF
Watershed ManagementBackground Technical Report #4: Terrestrial and Aquatic Biodiversity2017PDF
Watershed ManagementSand and GravelPDF
Watershed ManagementHydraulic Fracturing Fact Sheet2020PDF
Watershed ManagementHydraulic Fracturing Management Recommendations2020PDF
Municipal ReportsMountain View County2023PDF
Municipal ReportsKneehill County2023PDF
Municipal ReportsMD Bighorn2023PDF
Municipal ReportsRed Deer County2023PDF