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RDRWA membership is free, and open to all organizations, municipalities, and individuals that support the vision, mission, and goals of the RDRWA. 

By becoming a member, you contribute to a community working toward a healthy, dynamic, and sustainable Red Deer River watershed. 

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We have two types of memberships: Organizational and Individual. Membership must be renewed annually.

Organizational Membership

Individual Membership

Become a member to: 

  • Join an active community of people supporting the watershed
  • Vote at the Annual General Meetings and special meetings
  • Run for our Board of Directors
  • Access information and learn about the Red Deer River Watershed

Membership FAQs

“How long does a membership last for?”

Once you become a RDRWA member, your membership will last until you decide to no longer be a member.

“If I was a member last year, am I automatically a member this year?” 

Yes, once you become a member of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, you are a member until you decide you no longer want to be a member. If you decide to end your membership, we would ask that you contact our office and let us know.

“Do I have to be a member to vote or run for the Board of Directors?”

Yes, memberships are accepted on a rolling basis (at any time). However, to vote at the RDRWA Annual General Meeting (typically held in June) or run for the Board of Directors, you must be a RDRWA member.

“Why aren’t you charging a membership fee?” 

We want to ensure that membership to Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is open and available to everyone. We do, however, gratefully accept donations and can issue a tax-deductible, charitable receipt.  Please visit our donation page for more information.

“How does organizational membership work?” 

Organizational members are representatives from a diverse array of organizations, including (but not limited to) municipalities, stewardship groups, universities and research groups, and other non-profit organizations, Indigenous peoples, and businesses (large and small) from a range of sectors.

Organizational members appoint a primary and alternate representative, and must notify the RDRWA of any changes to representatives in writing. Every organizational member gets one vote at the RDRWA Annual General Meeting. 

“If I sign up for the e-newsletter, am I automatically a member?” 

No. People can choose to sign up for the e-newsletter without becoming a member here.