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RDRWA membership is free, and open to all organizations, municipalities, and individuals that support the vision, mission, and goals of the RDRWA. 

By becoming a member, you contribute to a community working toward a healthy, dynamic, and sustainable Red Deer River watershed. 

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We have two types of memberships: Organizational and Individual. Membership must be renewed annually.

Organizational Membership

Individual Membership

Become a member to: 

  • Join an active community of people supporting the watershed
  • Vote at the Annual General Meetings and special meetings
  • Run for our Board of Directors
  • Access information and learn about the Red Deer River Watershed

Membership FAQs

“How long does a membership last for?”

A membership lasts for a full year, and must be renewed by April 1st of every year. The RDRWA will send a reminder to renew every Spring. 

“If I was a member last year, am I automatically a member this year?” 

No, in an effort to keep our membership current, we ask that you please renew your membership by April 1st of every year. To renew your membership, please use the links above for either organizational or individual members. 

“I received my membership after the April 1st deadline.  Can I still participate?” 

Yes, memberships are accepted on a rolling basis (at any time). However, to vote at the RDRWA Annual General Meeting (typically held in June) or run for the Board of Directors, you must have a current membership on file. 

“Why aren’t you charging a membership fee?” 

We want to ensure that membership to Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is open and available to everyone. We do, however, gratefully accept donations and can issue a tax-deductible, charitable receipt.  Please visit our donation page for more information.

“How does organizational membership work?” 

Organizational members are representatives from a diverse array of organizations, including (but not limited to) municipalities, stewardship groups, universities and research groups, and other non-profit organizations, Indigenous peoples, and businesses (large and small) from a range of sectors.

Organizational members appoint a primary and alternate representative, and must notify the RDRWA of any changes to representatives in writing. Every organizational member gets one vote at the RDRWA Annual General Meeting. 

“If I sign up for the e-newsletter, am I automatically a member?” 

No. People can choose to sign up for the e-newsletter without becoming a member here. All organizational and individual members are automatically subscribed to the e-newsletter upon membership application.