RECAP: Amy’s experience at Growing Kneehill Country Market

I am still riding the waves of excitement from the recent Growing Kneehill Country Market and Long Table Dinner on August 19, 2023 that was held at Horseshoe Canyon. As a representative of RDRWA and  participant, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my fantastic time at this unforgettable event.

The atmosphere was electric from the moment we set up our booth with camaraderie among vendors very heartwarming. The market felt like a hub where we shared stories, exchanged tips, and celebrated our passion for our crafts and businesses.

Our booth is always filled with the best from the RDRWA including skulls, furs, and wings from animals all over our watershed. I also had reports from the Shoreline and Riparian Condition Assessment for Kneehill County, our Annual Report, and information on finding out which watershed someone may reside. I love the opportunity to showcase RDRWA’s work and interact with people from across the watershed and beyond. The enthusiasm seen throughout the day was  the best part of this event.

The fact that I had the pleasure of interacting with 1200 participants at the market is a noteworthy accomplishment that I am proud to share! The day was made much more memorable due to the tremendous response and attendance. The huge turnout allowed me to share the work we are doing at the RDRWA – and what we will be working on into the fall.

The Growing Kneehill Country Market was an excellent way to see locals from the area; it’s a platform for growth and learning about where we reside. I enjoyed seeing all of what the area had to offer, and she could have spent another few hours  enjoying the networking opportunities of this event.

I look forward to coming back to the market next year. Thank you to Kneehill Country for an invite to the 2023 Growing Kneehill Country Market – she had an excellent time!