RDRWA Staff Creating Ripples in the Watershed

The RDRWA outreach staff, Darian and Amy, were involved in numerous events promoting environmental awareness and conservation over these last few months. They have participated in various events and interacted with students and the public, which has resulted in increased memberships and education of people on water conservation, challenges facing the Red Deer River Watershed, and the importance of maintaining watershed health. Amy is also focusing on engagement at Indigenous events including participation at the Asokewin Friendship Centre BBQ, Kainai Eco Protection Summit (KEPA), and Metis Fest. Overall, the RDRWA outreach staff managed to attend six events in June and July!

Below are further details:

Watersheds & Wetlands Teacher PD Program:

Date: June 1st

Who attended: Darian

Location: Pioneer Lodge, Red Deer

Purpose: Educate on watersheds and wetlands

Presentation on challenges faced by the Red Deer River Watershed

Asokewin Friendship Centre BBQ:

Date: June 2nd

Who attended: Amy and Darian

Location: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Purpose: Day of Friendship event

Participants: 100

Presentation at Ecole Mother Teresa School:

Date: June 16th

Who Attended: Amy and Darian

Location: Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Audience: Four grade 5 classes

Topic: Importance of wetlands and watersheds

Kainai Eco Protection Summit (KEPA):

Dates: June 19th and 20th

Who attended: Amy

Location: Blood Reserve, southern Alberta

Topics: Summer solstice, Blackfoot ecological knowledge, ecological restoration, buffalo reintroduction

Activities: Excursions to buffalo pastures and Naapi’s Garden

Metis Fest:

Date: June 24th

Who Attended: Amy

Location: Smoky Lake, Alberta

Participants: Estimated 2500

Collaboration with North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) and Athabasca Watershed Council (AWC)

Promoting general watershed knowledge

Family Nature Night Event:

Date: July 12th

Who attended: Amy

Location: Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Theme: Birds and bugs

Participants: 76

Organizations present: Buffalo Lake Naturalists, Red Deer River Naturalists, Nature Alberta