New Grade 8 Program : The Quest For The Best Water Test

We rely on freshwater for everything from drinking and cooking, to washing (humans, pets, dishes, laundry, etc.), to recreation (water fights, paddling, fishing, etc.). But how do scientists know if your water is fresh… or funky?


In partnership with the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is excited to announce a new school program tied directly to the Grade 8 Science Unit E Freshwater and Saltwater Systems curriculum: The Quest for the Best Water Test.

In The Quest for the Best Water Test, Grade 8 students take a closer look at a local freshwater ecosystem and perform various hands-on water quality tests – all in the hopes of discovering one test that’s better than all the rest.

The Quest for the Best Water Test is available in a few different formats:

  • In-person at McKenzie Trails (2 hours, $155/class);
  • In-person at Bower Ponds (2 hours, $155/class);
  • In-person outside on your school grounds (1.5 hours, $155/class); or
  • Virtually via Zoom (1.5 hours, $155/up to 100 students).

For all in-person programs, two classes (up to 70 students) can participate in the program at the same time.


The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance is offering a $140/class reimbursement is available to the first ten classes that book a program for 2022 with the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, up to a maximum of $420/school. Book now for programs that take place between Tuesday, May 24 and Friday, September 30 (programs for 2022 are not available outside of these dates).


  • Full payment is required prior to the program start.
  • A link to a Google Form feedback form will be emailed to the teacher immediately after each program.
  • The $140 reimbursement will be applied once we have received a completed feedback form from the attending teacher.
  • Completed feedback forms must be received within 2 weeks after the program takes place, otherwise the reimbursement is forfeit.

For more information on The Quest for the Best Water Test, please contact , or contact to book your program today!