Report on Alberta’s Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (2020-2021)

Over the past eighteen years, Alberta’s 11 Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) have become cornerstones of effective watershed management across the province. As the designated Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Red Deer River, the RDRWA and our fellow WPACs work in partnership with multiple levels of government, industry, non-government organizations, and thousands of Albertans, our work extends to rural and urban areas across 94% of the province.

The Report on Alberta’s Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils provides a sample of some of the many WPAC activities carried out in 2020-21. In particular, these examples showcase a number of unique and innovative collaborations. The width and breadth of this work reinforces a simple message: WPACs are the go-to champions for watershed management in communities across Alberta.

As connectors and collaborators, WPACs work with their partners to develop and share knowledge, educate and inspire the public, and inform provincial and municipal plans and policies in rural and
urban landscapes. WPACs are not-for-profit and/or charitable organizations that operate effectively on grants and the in-kind support of hundreds of volunteers. Today, we employ more than 40 full time staff annually and we connect with thousands of Albertans via programs, communications and social media. Collectively, we have leveraged millions of dollars in funding from various sectors, helping to protect Alberta’s watersheds, while generating jobs and investments in local communities.

To every partner who has played a part in this journey so far: thank-you. Let’s continue to build on what we’ve started through a renewed commitment to invest in the people and networks that
increase the resilience of our communities, waterbodies and watersheds. Together, we can meet the goals of Water for Life and build on the progress we’ve made so far.

Alberta’s Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils